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Time Tracking
Screenshots & Activity Levels
Automatic Time Capture
Offline Time Tracking
Online Timesheets
Distraction Alerts
Chat Monitoring
Web & App Monitoring
Email Notifications
Productivity Reports
Project Cost Management
Billable Hours
Billing & Invoicing
Payroll Management

Workday Insights
with Employee Monitoring Software

Use TimeBee’s workplace monitoring software and see how much time your employees spend on getting through tasks.

TimeBee desktop app with projects, tasks, tracked time, and daily activities

On-Screen Activity

Get visual insights into work progress, capture work processes in motion, and gauge productivity at a glance.

Administrators can view team screenshots from TimeBee’s screenshot dashboard

Hassle-Free and
Easy to Use

Settings that let you monitor employee productivity without manually checking up on them.

TimeBee desktop app auto tracking time for a task against a project

Internet Downtime?
No Big Deal

Your team’s work hours are securely logged and synced automatically once they are back online.

Offline time tracking lets you stay on track even when there is no internet connection

Access Individual Employee Timesheets from Anywhere

Get rid of inaccurate data and automate time calculation to know your employee performance.

Use TimeBee’s online timesheets to keep track of tracked for employee work days

Employees Focused

A potent employee productivity tracking software that reduces distractions to a minimum and gets the workforce focused again.

Keep distractions to a minimum with prompt distraction alerts on employee desktops

Track and
Analyze Every Message

Put a lock on company secrets and give distractions a run for their money – that's the magic of our chat monitoring.

Monitor messages in chats for all employees with trigger words

Supervise All
Employee Interactions

Whether your team is getting lost in social media scrolls or trapped in the web's maze, find out where their time disappears.

Monitor apps and websites used by your employees for in depth productivity insights

Automatic Notifications
for Hands-On Monitoring

TimeBee’s employee productivity monitoring software lets you set alerts for various triggers so that you can focus on what’s important.

Receive email notifications for certain triggers monitoring employee productivity from your inbox

Monitor The Pitfalls
in a Project

Detailed analytics and comprehensive reports that help you see workflow bottlenecks and streamline processes.

In-depth productivity reports in the TimeBee dashboard for all employees

Save Time and Money

Accurately manage your project costs, improve cash flows, and increase your profits.

TimeBee’s project cost management dashboard displaying costs for projects

A Time Tracking Software
that Shields You Against Time Theft

Precision in every tick – our time tracking software protects against time theft while calculating hours with finesse.

Billable hours for every employee displayed on TimeBee’s billable hours dashboard

Take The Stress Out Of Client Billing

Experience precise, automated billing that leaves no room for overcharges and keeps your clients smiling.

Auto-generated invoices in TimeBee for accurate payouts for each project and member

Experience Streamlined
Payroll Precision

No more manual number crunching or miscalculations – easily convert accurate data into paychecks with TimeBee’s timekeeping software.

Auto generated payrolls for team members against hourly rates in the TimeBee dashboard


What Our Happy Customers Say

Our satisfied customers are happy with the TimeBee in their life. See how our employee monitoring tool can bring a change in your life too.


"Since integrating TimeBee, the company’s productivity has skyrocketed. Our success owes much to this invaluable solution – keeping us on track and surpassing every milestone."

Alex Cornell


"TimeBee has transformed my freelancing hustle! Its precise time tracking helps me manage tasks efficiently, ensuring I deliver top-quality work while staying on schedule."

Chloe Taylor


"I was looking for a time-tracking and employee management solution to optimize our team's productivity. TimeBee's powerful features tackled our challenge head-on."

Marquis Jones

Office employees working happily, with productivity optimized by TimeBee auto time tracking

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Let our workplace monitoring software superalign your organizational matters for a straight win.

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Let’s check out the ins and outs of the TimeBee’s time-tracking tool and discover how it’s the business booster you’ve been looking for.

Explore Beyond the Productivity-Boosting Tricks

Stay plugged in with TimeBee and learn how to turn productivity, performance tracking, and employee monitoring into catalysts that bring out your A-game. Jump to action right on time and work on weaknesses before they become a permanent part of the team – that right time is now!

Boost Your
Organization's Efficiency

Drip energy and enthusiasm into your workforce and streamline the management process. Our software has a track road of glorifying the future with better decision making.


Effortless Project Tracking

Monitor timelines, budgets, and milestones to keep projects on the right path with real-time updates.


Goals Within Reach

From big-picture objectives to daily tasks, monitor goal achievement across individuals and teams.


Uncover Hidden Patterns

Get deep into insightful performance analytics with our employee monitoring software and make smart choices backed by detailed reports and analytics.


Stay in the Loop

Keep a finger on the pulse of your team's progress in real time – making informed decisions have never been easier.

Elevate Employee Productivity

Make lagging workforce and delayed tasks a story of the past – push the envelope while ensuring work-life balance.


Work-Life Balance Support

Create a healthy work-life balance by encouraging efficient work patterns and avoiding burnout.


Personal Productivity Insights

Help your team members understand their work habits and fine-tune their workflow for peak performance.


Task Priority Management

Support your workforce in setting priorities, meeting deadlines, and achieving personal and professional goals.


Smart Time Tracking

Use our time-keeping software and let your employees focus on high-impact tasks. TimeBee automates time tracking to reduce administrative overhead.

Tailored for Every
Work Arrangement

TimeBee supports every type of work environment, from hybrid culture and freelancing to enterprises, it has something for everyone.


Scale with Ease

From startups to enterprises, TimeBee’s time-logging software can flex and grow right along with you.


Flexible Work Environments

Whether in-office, remote, or hybrid, TimeBee fits into your organization's setup without missing a single step.


Freelancer and Contractor Support

Ideal for managing external collaborators and freelancers, ensuring they get paid fairly for the hours they have put in.


Remote Work Ready

Easily manage remote teams with remote-friendly features designed to increase collaboration and accountability.

How TimeBee Brings the Best on the Table?

Getting started with TimeBee is a snap. No deployment fuss or integration mess. Just a matter of counting from 1 to 4 and you are done — it’s that easy! Here is how we unleash our easy spell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of using time-tracking software?
  • How does employee time-tracking software work?
  • What features should I look for in time-tracking software?
  • Is timekeeping software suitable for freelancers or small businesses?
  • Is time-tracking software legal?
  • Why do organizations use employee monitoring software?
  • What types of data can be tracked by productivity monitoring software?
  • Can productivity monitoring software be used for remote workers?
  • Can time-tracking tools be used to identify high-performing employees?

Time monitoring software has become a game-changer for employers in various industries, and for good reason. It's a practical solution that provides many benefits. Some of these are:

  • Accurate Payroll: Time-tracking software ensures everyone gets paid exactly what they've earned, down to the last minute.
  • Enhanced Productivity: When employees know their hours are being tracked, they tend to stay on task and avoid the temptations on the internet.
  • Resource Optimization: You can allocate resources more efficiently based on real-time data.
  • Control Project Costs: Identify true project costs and maintain profitability.
  • Billing Transparency: You can easily show your clients what they're paying for with detailed reports of billable hours.
  • Compliance & Accountability: Stay on the right side of labor laws and keep your employees accountable.
  • Remote Work Management: Effectively monitor remote employees' performance.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make strategic decisions using insightful time-tracking data.
  • Reduced Admin Work: Automate timekeeping tasks, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Employee Development: Data analysis lets you Identify where your team can level up.

Time tracking solution for employees works both online and offline to keep a record of employee’s activities and performance. Here are some key functions that it performs:

  • Clocking In and Out: Employees can "clock in" when they start their workday and "clock out" when they finish. It records the exact time they start and stop working.
  • Real-Time Tracking: As soon as an employee starts working on something, the clock starts ticking. Pause for coffee? The timer stops. It's that precise.
  • Timesheets: Instead of employees scribbling their hours on paper, the software does it automatically. It tallies up their hours as they go about their tasks.
  • Manual Entries: Employees can also enter time manually if they forget to clock in or out.
  • Project Codes: These time-tracking systems let employees assign their hours to specific projects or clients. This is gold for businesses that bill clients based on hours worked.
  • Reports and Analytics: The software crunches the numbers for you. You can get reports on who's been working on what, for how long, and when.
  • Cloud-Based: Workforce time-tracking tools are cloud-based which means all the data is stored securely in the cloud. No need to worry about losing records if your computer crashes.
  • Overtime Tracking: It can also calculate overtime automatically.

The right time-tracking software like TimeBee is the toolkit that can revolutionize how you manage time in your workplace. So choose wisely – your business's success may very well depend on it. Before choosing any software that tracks employee productivity, look for these features:

  • Online Timesheets
  • Productivity Measuring and Summary Reports
  • Distraction Alerts
  • Screenshots, Screen Recordings, and Activity Levels
  • Automatic Time Capture
  • Website and App Monitoring
  • Project Cost Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Billable and Non-Billable Hours Calculation
  • Billing and Invoicing

Time logging software is best suited for all types of businesses, including freelancers and small business owners. Freelancers can use it to track billable hours for smooth relationships with clients. Similarly, time manager software and small businesses also go well with each other because it helps them scale their business by automating processes and keeping track of all operations. It manifests how small businesses can seal money leakage points and focus on expanding business.

In one word ‘yes’. In fact, it's a common tool used by businesses to monitor and manage employee work hours and productivity. But it must be used in a lawful and respectful manner. Consent, privacy, accuracy, and compliance with labor laws are key factors to consider. You should always stay informed about local regulations and seek legal counsel if there are any doubts or complexities in implementing such software.

Time tracking platform for employees is a good fit for all organizations that want a clear picture of the workforce at the end of the day. It creates a comprehensive summary of time spent on each task completion and the productive hours of each employee. Such tools have made it easier than before to figure out productivity-enhancing indicators and scale them to achieve plans. Not to forget the ease in employee payments and client billings. So overall, an employee monitoring app is a productivity booster for all organizations if used properly.

TimeBee's futuristic solutions are adept at measuring different data points using project management and employee tracking features. Some of these are:

  • Time Tracking: Records the time employees spend working, including clocking in and out, as well as tracking breaks and idle time.
  • Website and App Usage: Monitors which websites and applications employees are using during work hours.
  • Activity Levels: Track the level of activity on a computer, measuring mouse movements and keyboard strokes per minute.
  • Project Progress: Provides real-time updates on project timelines and completion rates.
  • Email and Communication: Tracks email usage and communication tools.
  • App Usage Analytics: Provides detailed analytics on how much time is spent on each application.
  • Attendance and Absenteeism: Helps manage attendance and track absenteeism.
  • Task and Goal Tracking: Lets you set goals and tasks and tracks progress and completion rates for these objectives.
  • Screen Captures and Screenshots: Takes periodic screenshots of an employee's computer screen.

Absolutely, employee monitoring software is a great tool for managing remote teams. It helps keep everyone on track, even when they're working from different locations. This software offers real-time insights, task management, performance metrics, and the ability to address any performance concerns – all of which are invaluable for keeping remote teams productive and accountable.

Yes, time-tracking software can definitely help pinpoint high-performing employees in your organization. These tools give you enough data to generate valuable insights. They give you an objective look at how employees spend their time.

High performers tend to be more efficient and meet deadlines consistently which is evident in their time logs. If someone's consistently ahead of schedule or efficiently allocating their time to high-priority tasks, they're likely a top performer.

Star performers have a typical pattern of reliability in their work habits, from attendance to task completion. Through data provided by employee monitoring apps, you can spot those employees who consistently meet or even exceed their performance goals.

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