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With better monitoring, you have control over product development, from design to deployment.

TimeBee’s time tracking providing managers easy payrolls for their IT and software development resources

Better Team Management

Collaboration simplified. Keep your whole team on the same page with time and performance tracking features.


Precise Hour Tracking

Get granular insights into billable and non-billable hours. TimeBee lets you optimize resources and maximize productivity.


Automated Payroll & Invoices

Automate invoicing for a smoother cash flow. TimeBee's precision tracking guarantees you bill every second you deserve.

Performance Monitoring
and Time Tracking for IT Professionals

TimeBee isn't just your typical tracking tool for the IT and Software sector. It helps you manage tasks and projects while giving insights to tackle many pain points.


Automatic Time Recording

Forget manual tracking. TimeBee’s automatic time capture feature records your development team’s work and gives you insights into their daily IT activities.


Screenshot Capturing

Maintain transparency in your IT projects. Our time-tracking software for IT projects takes random screenshots to ensure every detail is captured without the hassle.


Offline Time Tracking

Keep your developers productive even when offline. TimeBee’s time-tracking solution makes sure that no productive minute of software development teams goes unaccounted for.

Effortless Time Tracking
for Software Developers, No Matter Where They Work

From onsite developers to freelance contractors, TimeBee is a versatile monitoring and time-tracking solution built to fit all developers and work arrangements.


Onsite Development Teams

An all-in-one platform that enhances productivity across your workforce and keeps your on-premises development team focused on completing projects on time.


Hybrid Development Teams

Balancing remote and onsite software development? TimeBee simplifies employee monitoring and agile time tracking so your hybrid team can work together smoothly.


Remote Development Teams

Get rid of unproductivity and idle sitting. TimeBee gives you insight into freelance developers' work patterns through transparent online timesheets and detailed reports.

Developer easily tracking time on TimeBee and focusing on work.

Get a Grip on Your Projects and Make the Cost Curve Better than Ever Before

TimeBee refines your project cost management. Learn to estimate and control expenses for a smooth project from start to finish.


Historical Data Insights

Access historical task data to gauge how long similar tasks took in the past. Make data-driven decisions for accurate estimates and optimized resource allocation.


Budget Control

Prevent cost overruns by monitoring budgets in real time. Ensure financial targets stay on track to keep your projects within their allocated resources.


Better Team Focus

Alert your team to distractions and critical tasks with TimeBee. Keep your software developers in the zone to ensure efficient and on-time project delivery.

Empower Software Development: Drive Change and
Outperform the Competition

Stay on top of things with our IT and software development time management solution so that success doesn’t remain a far-fetched dream.


Comprehensive Productivity Reports

Get a detailed picture of your dev team's work patterns with TimeBee's productivity reports. Track project progress and optimize software development process.


Team Activity Visibility

Benefit from real-time insights into your dev team's activity levels. Discover peak performance hours and identify distractions to improve overall efficiency.


Website and App Monitoring

Stay in control of your resources. Track web and app usage to cut time-wasting and ensure focused development efforts.


Automated Payroll Processing

Simplify payroll for your dev team. Automate the payment process based on tracked hours to reduce errors and save time.



Connect TimeBee with your favorite tools. Improve your software development team's workflow with seamless integrations with over 30+ software.


Non-Intrusive Team Check-Ins

Promote productive coding sessions with TimeBee's non-intrusive team check-ins. Keep the creative flow uninterrupted.

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Enterprise Level Security

With employee privacy being our number one priority, be assured that personal data and inside information are in secure hands.


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Benefits Of Time Tracking For IT And Software Development?
  • Which Time-Tracking Tools Are Recommended For IT And Software Development?
  • Why Should You Use Time Tracking in Software Project Management?
  • What are some effective time-tracking methodologies for software development teams?

Time tracking and productivity in IT and software development go hand in hand. Here are the top benefits of accurate time-tracking reports for IT and software development projects:

  • Get accurate billable hours to bill clients
  • Strengthen relationships with clients
  • Get to know where your money is being spent
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Manage projects and tasks seamlessly
  • Extract productivity reports to get clear insights
  • Gather accurate data to process payrolls, bills, and invoices

When it comes to tracking time in the software development fields, there are certainly a variety of tools available, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Remember that not all time-tracking tools offer advanced features. Some may be more basic and suited for simpler tasks while others might lack the integrations crucial for IT and software development workflows.

One standout option is TimeBee. TimeBee not only provides accurate time tracking for software development projects but also:

  • Helps you with project management.
  • Assists you in reducing costs and managing finances.
  • Provides detailed reports to evaluate the productivity and efficiency of your team.
  • Creates a transparent customer relationship.
  • Manages employee attendance and leaves.
  • Integrates third-party tools to optimize your workflow.

Time tracking is more than just a way to keep tabs on your team; it's a tool that lets you make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and deliver successful software projects. Let’s discuss in detail:

  • Resource Allocation: Time tracking helps you allocate your team's resources more effectively. By knowing how much time each task takes, you can assign the right people to the right tasks without overloading anyone.
  • Budget Management: It lets you monitor how much time is being spent on various tasks to help control costs and prevent budget overruns.
  • Estimation Accuracy: When you have historical data on how long similar tasks took in the past, you can provide more accurate project estimates.
  • Productivity Analysis: By tracking time, you can identify bottlenecks and areas where team members may need additional support or training.
  • Scope Management: Time tracking helps you assess the impact of scope changes on the project timeline and adjust accordingly.
  • Prioritization: Time-tracking data can guide your decision-making process when it comes to prioritizing tasks. You can focus on the most critical elements of the project based on the time spent and the project's overall goals.
  • Client Transparency: It lets you provide clients with detailed reports on how their project is progressing and where their money is being spent.
  • Performance Metrics: You can use time tracking to measure project progress against KPIs. This data helps you fine-tune your project management strategies and improve overall efficiency.
  • Invoice Accuracy: For projects billed by the hour, accurate time tracking ensures that you bill clients correctly, avoiding disputes over invoices.

To ensure quality work under a deadline, you’ll need to set time-tracking metrics for software development performance. Here are a few methodologies for efficient time tracking for IT and software development:

  • Task-based tracking
  • Sprint-based tracking
  • Kanban board tracking
  • Daily standup time tracking
  • Time blocking through tools like Pomodoro timers.
  • Code commit time tracking
  • Time-tracking tools like TimeBee
  • Automated time tracking using integrated development environments (IDEs) like Wakatime

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