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A stitch saves nine, so pick an idle time tracking software before you lose a big project due to missing a deadline. Record every minute spent working and evaluating progress reports even when your team is offline.

No matter working online or offline, the active monitoring mode keeps the workforce focused and determined. So straying from the assigned task? Not possible!

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Don’t worry; Offline Time Tracking Will Prevent them from Distracting.

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Get ready to achieve new heights where unproductivity remains no more a word in your business dictionary.


Surveil Keyboard & Mouse Activity

Every minute takes you closer to success. TimeBee alerts you if your team members’ cursor and keystrokes sit idle because of unproductive activities.


Customize Offline Time Tracking

Take complete control to maximize your team’s productivity. Customize TimeBee’s offline time tracker app and keep a tab on your team's every offline move too.


Record & Sync Insightful Data

Eliminate errors, record the offline time of your employees. Fine tune your goals with the real-time data that syncs to the server once they get back online.

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Working online or offline, measure employee performance seamlessly without any fear of lost billable hours.


Always Stay Connected with Your Team

Know your employees’ activities and productive hours with an idle hour time tracking app that values each minute your workforce spends offline.


Calculate Employee Time Spent

Say ‘no’ to miscalculated work hours by syncing offline working hours with online working hours — every minute counts, every second gets paid!


Get Automatic Notification Alerts

Let notification alerts set your whole team pumping with passion and enthusiasm. System send automatic prompts if they don’t click in or the screen stays idle.

Offline Time Tracker Gives
You an Insight into Employee’s
Offline Performance

Super-charge your workforce and simplify successful project completion with TimeBee’s time-tracking solution even if they are working offline. All without exhausting your creative reserves.

  • Eliminate time theft and keeping tabs on everyone
  • Automatic data sync when the connection restores
Company owner monitoring employees’ offline performance with TimeBee Offline time tracking.
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4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of offline time tracking?
  • Is it necessary to use offline time tracking if I have internet access?
  • What are the differences between online and offline time tracking?
  • Can I use offline time tracking for multiple employees?
  • What kind of devices can I use for offline time tracking?
  • What happens if my device crashes or gets lost during offline time tracking?
  • Is offline time tracking more accurate than online time tracking?

You can reap the same benefits as online time tracking because idle time monitoring works without the need for any internet connection. So if your employees are working offline, you can:

  • Keep control of your team’s offline time
  • Ensure precise time logs, regardless of online status
  • Keep your team on track without online distractions
  • Sensitive data stays on the device until they are ready to share
  • Allow employees to record their absence reason

It's not necessarily "necessary" but it can be beneficial in certain situations. Let us explain. Having internet access opens up various online time-tracking tools and applications that can be incredibly convenient and efficient. They let you access your team’s time data from anywhere and provide real-time insights and reports.

However, there are times when using offline time tracking is inevitable. For instance, if your team works in an area with unreliable internet connectivity, offline time tracking becomes a reliable alternative to ensure accurate tracking of their activities. It lets them record their time even when they are offline and then sync the data later when they are back online.

Online and offline time tracking share a basic similarity: both methods record work activities and time spent on tasks.

  • Recording Process: Both online and offline time tracking have the same process of logging tasks and time intervals.
  • Data Accuracy: Both methods accurately collect data and measure task time.
  • User Experience: Your team will handle both systems in pretty much the same way – they type in what they're doing and hit the buttons to start or stop the timers.

However, the major difference is in how data is managed:

  • Data Upload: With online tracking, data is immediately sent to a central server via the internet for real-time access.
  • Offline Data Storage: In offline tracking, data is stored locally on the device where the tracking is taking place, with no immediate internet connection required.
  • Syncing: Offline data is synchronized with a central server once the device is connected to the internet.

Yes, an offline time tracker can track time for multiple employees. If your employees are working remotely, don’t let their idle time become a hurdle in the way of your success. TimeBee’s offline time-tracking software lets your team members adjust working hours accordingly and tracks each employee's time who is connected or not connected to the internet. It collects data from all the employees and provides a detailed report on individual and group efforts on a particular project on your dashboard. The admins and employees can see their offline progress and analyze areas one needs to work on.

TimeBee is a professional employee management software that you can use on Windows 7 and above, and also on Mac's updated OS version 10.11 and above.

If your device crashes or gets lost during offline time tracking, you don't have to worry about losing your data. TimeBee will store your data securely on the device itself. As soon as your device reconnects to the internet, the data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage so that your time-tracking records remain safe and intact.

Both offline and online time tracking methods record with the same level of accuracy. The method you choose doesn't affect the accuracy of tracking itself. The main difference between offline and online time tracking is how the data is managed. In offline tracking, the data is stored locally on the device and later synced to the cloud when an internet connection is available. In online tracking, the data is directly recorded and stored on remote servers.

Another difference is online time tracking provides real-time access to the data from multiple devices as long as your team has an internet connection. With offline tracking, you have to wait until they are back online to sync and access the recorded data.

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