TimeBee displaying a distraction alert prompt to a user away from their desks.

Inactivity Notifications: Redefine Alertness

Don’t let your employees' attention wander. Keep them on the track!


Pop-up Distraction Detection Alerts Right on Your Screens

TimeBee is your team’s productivity vanguard — sending direct alerts to employees’ screens by detecting unproductive sites or apps.


Productivity Monitoring Alerts if Screen Sits Idle for Too Long

Keep a check on employees’ performance with on-screen work interruption notifications without leaving your place.


Increase Attention Span and Focus with Employee Focus Alerts

Use timely distraction-prevention notifications to improve your team’s performance. Achieve big while keeping your team focused!

Are You Looking for an
Solution to Measure Productivity?

TimeBee is ready to appease all your pain points with advanced timesheet management!

TimeBee’s all-in-one productivity solutions displaying metrics for multiple users over a specific time.

Embrace Focused Work.
Stop Draining Your
Energy Over Unimportant Tasks

Add modern tech into your workflows and experience the wonders of distraction-alert tools.


Time Management Notifications Create Stress-free Work Culture

Complete tasks, meet deadlines, and achieve the targets without tiring your team. Efficient workflow that finishes on the go!


Task Diversion Notifications Pave Way for Productive Work

Stay in the lead with TimeBee's distraction alert notifications. Help your team conquer deadlines ahead of time and secure those winning moments.


Meet Deadlines Faster & Better with Efficiency Monitoring Alerts

Too many distractions will mess up your team’s work. But the concentration interruption alarm will pull them back on track and help them focus.

Distraction Detection
App that Gets Things Done

No more distractions and chatter! Our task interruption notifications will keep your team on point when their focus drifts.


Optimal Work-Life Balance with zero Overtime Hours

Streamline your work and ensure zero distractions with the TimeBee distraction alert app—no need for extra working hours. Accomplish your mission timely and dexterously!


Upgrade to Become a Smart Workforce

No more time wastage on tedious, unproductive tasks. Leverage TimeBee’s distraction alerts to turn your team into a high-achieving, target-oriented workforce.


Overpower Your Unproductive Distractions

Master the art of being productive and focused with TimeBee’s distraction-prevention notifications. Win the battle against distraction demons and conquer them.

Stay on Track:
Instant Distraction Alerts for Your Team

Does your team often lose its focus? Don’t worry. Distraction detection alerts will not let them go off track. It helps them maintain laser-like focus and complete the tasks productively and effectively.

  • Identify distraction sources and eliminate them for better work productivity
  • Eliminate toxicity and embrace a focused work culture
  • Optimized billable and non-billable hours management
  • Prioritize projects with time batching to meet deadlines
  • Switch off unimportant notifications anytime
  • Boost employee productivity with task disruption warnings
Example of TimeBee’s distraction alert on a mobile phone helping employees working on their phones stay focused.
Logos for productivity tools, like Slack, Asana, ClickUp, GitHub, Zoho, and Trello - all of which integrate with TimeBee.

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Embrace all Pre-Existing Apps Seamlessly!

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We are proud partners of 100,000+ high-flying global companies who love us for our productivity and analytics solutions that deliver results.


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Our backend team is always looking for ways to fine-tune features and offer par-excellence services for a smooth experience.


Enterprise Level Security

With employee privacy being our number one priority, be assured that personal data and inside information are in secure hands.


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are employee distraction alerts important?
  • How do distraction alerts work?
  • Are employee distraction alerts intrusive?
  • How often do focus breach notifications send alerts to employees?
  • Can attention management notifications be turned off or adjusted by employees?

Distractions make employees unproductive and suck away their efficiency. TimeBee’s distraction alerts act as friendly reminders and give employees a gentle nudge when they might be getting a bit too sidetracked.

These alerts create awareness without being intrusive or judgmental. It's not about being all Big Brother; it's about promoting productivity and helping your team stay on track. And the best part? TimeBee doesn't just point out the distractions. It also gives employees a chance to self-correct and manage their time better. After all, we all get caught up in distractions from time to time and it's easy to lose track of time in the online world.

Workforce attention warnings are like smart timers that keep an eye on the employee’s mouse and keyboard activity. When they notice the team member has been away from their computer for a bit, they nudge them to check if they're still working or out for a breather. If they are still actively working, all they need to do is click on the alert and it'll go away.

If someone fails to click the alert and it stays on the screen, it automatically tracks those idle minutes separately from working hours. So no need to worry about the productive time getting mixed up with breaks.

No, employee distraction alerts, or concentration break alarms as some would call them, are not intrusive at all. These alerts are designed to help, not hinder. They don't snoop around or invade anyone’s privacy. They act more like a gentle reminder, giving employees a heads-up when they might be veering off course. At the end of the day, it helps them recognize and manage their own distractions.

Of course, for this to work effectively, there should be transparency and open communication about the use of these alerts. Employees should be aware that these systems are in place and understand the purpose behind them.

With TimeBee’s distraction alert notifications, you get to decide when they pop up which makes it super convenient. Admins have the power to choose the intervals – we've got options for every preference. You can set the timer to pop up every 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes.

These focus breach notifications are highly efficient because they help your team members be more aware of their breaks. All this data gets recorded by the app so you can figure out how to support your team better. You can identify who might be struggling with productivity and step in to offer a helping hand.

No, employees cannot fiddle around with TimeBee’s settings. These task diversion notifications are set up by the admins who have the proper access and control over the software. The timer works online and no one can stop it manually or work their way around it, which makes it foolproof and reliable.

The whole point of these notifications is to keep track of employees' productivity and ensure everyone is staying focused on their tasks. So it makes sense for the system to be managed by those in charge.

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