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Level up your project management with TimeBee – the ultimate construction project time-tracking toolkit. Stay connected, assign tasks, and boost your team's productivity.

Construction workers on a site using TimeBee to track time for projects.

Plan & Visualize

Get your construction projects on point with detailed productivity reports and valuable data insights. Visualize progress and workforce performance to avoid any hitch.


Track Goal’s Progress

Stay hands-on through every project stage and monitor every milestone – from pre-sales and conceptualization to delivery. Stay in control and enjoy pruned work.


Get Paid Right

Calculate your construction project hours down to the minute. Get paid what you deserve – no more, no less. Job costing and time tracking for construction simplified.

Why do
Managers Prefer TimeBee’s
Construction Employee Time Tracking App?

Banish your worst daytime nightmare – from project planning to cash flow management. With our construction crew scheduling software, it's all a click away.


Online Timesheets

Simplify timesheet management with our user-friendly digital time tracker. No more paperwork, just effortless monitoring and instant access for everyone.


Billable and Non-billable Hours

Distinguish billable hours from non-billable ones effortlessly. Boost efficiency and ensure accurate invoicing with TimeBee.


Automatic Time Capture

Time tracking is made easy with automatic capture. No manual entries, no errors! Get precise records for better project management.

TimeBee providing construction project managers a snapshot of their employee’s productivity with the team dashboard.

Effortlessly Monitor Time and Attendance for
Construction Workers:
Free Yourself from Worries

TimeBee pulls the strings for you so that you can manage the whole process automatically. No headache during site visits. No scheduling woes. Enjoy peace with everything on your radar!


Real-Time Attendance

Stay in the loop with instant on-site updates and get clarity in tracking who's on the job. Monitor attendance without the fuss of physical checks.


Worry-Free Work Scheduling

Simplify shifts and project timelines without hassle. Our construction labor management software makes shift and task scheduling a breeze.


Payroll Made Easy

Get the numbers right every time. TimeBee automates payroll calculations so that your construction workers are compensated correctly every time.

Construction workers monitoring work hours ensure projects are progressing smoothly

Promised Excellence: The Rock-Solid Advantages of Construction
Time Tracking Software

Step into action and leave communication chaos behind. Monitor your workforce effortlessly with our user-friendly tracking solutions. It's all within reach!

  • Identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • No more manual data entry errors.
  • Keep stakeholders in the loop with ease.
  • Get real-time insights for on-site productivity.
  • Effortlessly assign tasks and monitor progress.
  • Minimize downtime with optimized scheduling.

Modernize Your Construction Business – Let TimeBee
Become the Driving Force

With all the distractions, confusion, and changing dynamics, it can be quite a task to keep a check on your team's performance – both onsite and offsite. That’s where TimeBee’s field service time-tracking software sets the gala for you.


Prompt Onscreen Distraction Alerts

Increase productivity with onscreen prompts that keep idle staff on track. No more time wasted on unproductive computer use.


Screenshot Capture

Get insights into project progress and onscreen activity with automatic screenshot captures. Visualize work in real-time for better decision-making.


Offline Time Tracking

Stay in control even when offline. TimeBee ensures accurate time tracking, even in remote job sites or areas with limited connectivity.


Website and App Usage Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor website and app usage to prevent distractions. Keep your team focused on tasks that matter.


Project Cost Management

Take charge of project finances through efficient tracking and monitoring. Avoid overruns and stay on budget with TimeBee.


Integrate Third-Party Tools

Seamlessly connect TimeBee with your tech suite. Streamline workflows and enhance project management for smoother workflow.

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Top Rated Solution

We are proud partners of 100,000+ high-flying global companies who love us for our productivity and analytics solutions that deliver results.


Best-in-Class Support

Our backend team is always looking for ways to fine-tune features and offer par-excellence services for a smooth experience.


Enterprise Level Security

With employee privacy being our number one priority, be assured that personal data and inside information are in secure hands.


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does construction time tracking software help in managing labor on construction projects?
  • Can construction worker time-tracking software integrate with payroll systems to streamline payroll management?
  • Does mobile time tracking for construction workers offer GPS functionality to track employee locations in real-time?
  • What features should I look for in construction labor management software to effectively schedule and allocate resources?
  • How can construction project time-tracking software help improve project efficiency and profitability?

An advanced construction workforce management software like TimeBee simplifies labor management and lets you optimize resources to enhance project efficiency. Here are some ways it helps in managing labor on construction projects:

  • Real-Time Visibility: You can see where your workforce is and what they're doing in real-time.
  • Efficient Scheduling: Easily schedule and allocate tasks to the right team members.
  • Reduced Overtime Costs: Monitor and control overtime hours, reducing labor costs.
  • Accurate Payroll: Automatically calculate hours worked to ensure accurate and timely payroll.
  • Project Cost Tracking: Keep tabs on labor costs per project for better budget management.
  • Improved Productivity: Identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement to enhance productivity.
  • Task Delegation: Assign tasks and responsibilities effortlessly, ensuring a well-organized workforce.
  • Historical Data: Access historical labor data for future project planning and estimation.

Certainly! It is a seamless process where your construction site attendance tracking software and payroll system work hand in hand to simplify payroll management.

Here's how it works: When your employees use the time-tracking software to log their hours, this data is automatically transferred to your payroll system. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry which reduces the chances of errors and saves you a significant amount of time.

Not only does it enhance accuracy but it also ensures that your employees are paid correctly and on time. No more headaches or stress associated with payroll calculations. Also, this integration helps in efficient compliance with labor laws and regulations. You can easily track overtime, breaks, and other factors to ensure that you meet all legal requirements.

Absolutely! These apps go beyond just monitoring hours. It often includes GPS functionality that provides real-time labor tracking for the construction team. With GPS-enabled tracking, you can see where your field workers are at any given moment. This feature is incredibly useful for ensuring that employees are at the right job site and working on the correct project. It also helps you confirm that they're not spending excessive time at unauthorized locations or taking unauthorized breaks.

Construction workforce management software comes with various features, all adding to the efficient monitoring and resource allocation. So if you want labor management software, check out the feature below:

  • Productivity Measuring & Summary Reports
  • Distraction Alerts
  • Screenshots, Screen Recording, & Activity Levels
  • Email Notifications
  • Automatic Time Capture
  • Online Timesheets
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Website & App Monitoring
  • Payroll Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours Tracking
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Billing & Invoicing

Here’s how a construction project time monitoring software like TimeBee can take your project efficiency and profitability up a notch:

  • Accurate Billing: You can track every single hour worked, which means no more undercharging or overcharging clients. That's some extra cash in your pocket.
  • Resource Allocation: Know who's doing what, when, and for how long. This helps you allocate your resources more effectively, so you're never short-staffed or overbooked.
  • Real-Time Insights: With live data on how your project is progressing, you can make on-the-spot decisions. No more waiting around for updates.
  • Time Savings: Less time spent on paperwork and manual tracking means more time for your team to focus on the actual work.
  • Cost Control: Keep a close eye on labor costs. If things start going over budget, you can catch it early and make adjustments.
  • Happy Crew: When your team knows their time is being tracked fairly, it boosts morale and accountability. Happy workers, better results.

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