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Journey to a
Successful Freelancing
Career Starts with Accurate Timekeeping

Discover the secret to a thriving freelancing career. Our time tracking app helps you track billable and non-billable hours effortlessly so you can maximize earnings while staying organized. Get ready to turn hours into success stories!

Your Complete Freelancer Time Logging Digital Toolkit for
Maximum Efficiency

Bring a magic-like experience into your life with our all-in-one time tracking and progress monitoring app. Achieve peak freelance productivity and generate insightful activity reports for errorless client payments. Freelancing, simplified and amplified!

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Two Hands,
Endless Possibilities:
Master the Art of Multitasking with Style

Being your own boss is liberating but it can get wild if you’re not organized. Effortlessly manage projects with TimeBee’s data-rich freelance timesheets, conquer deadlines with task-tracking reports, and stay on track even offline.

  • Automated time logging for freelancers
  • Manage multiple projects with confidence
  • Detailed records for insightful project analysis
  • Invoice generation based on accurate time tracking
  • Set and surpass project milestones with data-driven insights
  • Provide clients with detailed time tracking reports for trust and clarity
  • Present yourself as a top-tier freelancer with organized, data-backed workflows

Tracking Freelance Hours the Easy Way: TimeBee to the Rescue

Introduce your clients to TimeBee and revolutionize your freelance collaborations. Enjoy smooth time tracking, added transparency, and delighted clients as your new partners in productivity.

  • Take on more projects and explore new opportunities
  • Get fair compensation by providing accurate billable hours
  • Be more creative, productive, and efficient with your projects
  • Customize your success route by evaluating productivity patterns
  • Keep budget in check and save costs through careful task allocation
  • Stay on track and never miss a deadline with real-time progress reports
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Freelancer's Time Tracker:
Packed with Features,
Light on Hassles

No fuss, just focus. Unlock your freelance potential with TimeBee’s feature-packed time-logging tool that works as hard as you do and makes every second count for you and your clients.


Remote Time-Tracking

Fuel your freelance productivity with automated non-billable and billable hours tracking and watch your earnings soar.


Automated Timesheets

Collect your proof of work using computerized timesheets that ensure none of your billable hours go to waste.


Real-time Data

Evaluating your progress helps you stay on course. Track and record all your data to evaluate and analyze later.


Third-party Integrations

Streamline, integrate, and be more productive. We bring your apps together so you can focus on what matters – your work.


Project Billing Management

Client billing and time tracking go hand in hand. Calculate your hours and generate invoices accurately by automating the process.


Task Progress Tracking

Our progress tracker keeps you informed, always. Stay on top of your workload to maintain clarity and focus in your daily work routine.

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We are proud partners of 100,000+ high-flying global companies who love us for our productivity and analytics solutions that deliver results.


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Our backend team is always looking for ways to fine-tune features and offer par-excellence services for a smooth experience.


Enterprise Level Security

With employee privacy being our number one priority, be assured that personal data and inside information are in secure hands.


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can freelance time management improve my productivity?
  • What is the importance of tracking billable hours as a freelancer?
  • How can task tracking benefit freelancers in managing their workload?
  • How can time-tracking reports help freelancers analyze their work patterns?
  • How can I generate accurate invoices based on time-tracking data?

Here’s how incorporating a remote time-tracking tool into your freelance routine can lead to a more successful and balanced freelance career.

  • Task Organization: Helps you list and categorize tasks.
  • Prioritization: Assigns priorities to tasks.
  • Time Tracking: Monitors time spent on each task.
  • Scheduling: Sets deadlines and creates schedules.
  • Project Management: Breaks down and tracks larger projects.
  • Efficiency Analysis: Provides insights into work habits.
  • Collaboration: Supports collaboration on projects.
  • Accurate Billing: Track your work hours precisely.
  • Invoice Generation: Easily create and send invoices for your work.

Tracking billable hours as a freelancer is crucial for several reasons:

  • Income Management: It helps you know exactly how much you're earning. This makes it easier to budget and plan your finances.
  • Fair Pricing: It ensures you charge clients accurately for the work you've done, preventing undercharging or overcharging.
  • Project Efficiency: You can identify which tasks take up the most time so you can optimize your workflow and improve productivity.
  • Client Transparency: Providing detailed invoices based on tracked hours builds trust with clients as they see a clear breakdown of where their money is going.
  • Legal Protection: In case of payment disputes or conflicts, having a record of billable hours can serve as evidence of the work completed.
  • Tax Deductions: Accurate time tracking helps you claim legitimate deductions on your taxes.
  • Goal Setting: Tracking hours can help you set realistic goals and benchmarks for your freelance career.

Let’s take a look at how tracking your tasks can benefit your freelance career:

  • Prioritization: Helps freelancers tackle critical tasks first.
  • Time Management: Prevents overcommitting and burnout by estimating task durations.
  • Deadline Management: Ensures reliability and avoids last-minute rushes.
  • Accountability: Reduces missed deadlines and overlooked tasks.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines workflows for higher productivity.
  • Progress Monitoring: Motivates and shows work completed.
  • Client Communication: Facilitates transparent updates.
  • Scope Control: Prevents scope creep for fair compensation.
  • Data for Improvement: Offers insights for profitability and process enhancements.
  • Financial Management: Enables accurate invoicing and prompt payments.
  • Work-Life Balance: Maintains a healthy work-life balance.
  • Time Tracking for Multiple Projects/Clients: Allocate time effectively across multiple projects and clients

Time-tracking reports can be incredibly valuable for freelancers when it comes to understanding and optimizing their work patterns. They help you see where your time is actually going and break down your workday into specific tasks or projects.

Another benefit is spotting patterns in your work habits. Do you tend to be most productive in the morning or at night? Are there specific days of the week when you're more focused? Time-tracking reports can highlight these trends.

They also help with setting realistic expectations. If you know how long similar tasks have taken you in the past, you can provide more accurate estimates to clients. This can lead to better client relationships and prevent the stress of constantly feeling rushed.

Additionally, these reports can reveal areas where you might be wasting time or getting distracted. If you notice a lot of unproductive time, it's a signal to evaluate your work environment or habits. Maybe you need to eliminate distractions or take more frequent breaks to stay focused.

Generating accurate invoices based on time-tracking data manually can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. Nowadays, almost all professional freelancers are turning to specialized tools like TimeBee to streamline this process and eliminate the hassle.

TimeBee lets easily track your work hours. When you start a task or project, you simply start the timer in the app. When you're done, stop the timer. TimeBee records the exact duration of your work accurately. You can create and manage projects and assign specific tasks to each project which makes tracking your time for different clients or projects a breeze.

Once you've tracked your time and expenses for a project, you can create an invoice with just a few clicks. TimeBee compiles all the data, calculates the total amount, and formats it into a professional invoice. You can customize your invoices to match your branding. Add your logo, company details, payment terms, and any other necessary information.

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