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Get all-inclusive features that are perfect for all business types – accurate time tracking, enhanced productivity, and slick team management. It’s the right spell you need to bring your clients and employees closer!

TimeBee’s administrator team dashboard with time-tracked and productivity metrics for all employees.

Giving Success a
New Meaning,
Every Second!


Active Users


Hours Monitored


Computers Tracked



Time Tracking
and Employee Monitoring for Businesses

Experience a new era of time tracking and employee monitoring designed to increase productivity. With TimeBee, your employees make the right decisions - every time, all the time!

Office employees focused on with TimeBee tracking user time summaries for each team member.
Managers understanding their employees’ work patterns with TimeBee and it’s productivity metrics.

Boost Your Productivity with a
Single Solution

Automate your processes to uncover gaps in workflows and understand your team's productivity trends. Streamline tasks, save time, and achieve more with ease.


Distraction Alerts

The system notifies your employees when they sit idle for too long - a gentle reminder for them to get back to work.


Chat Monitoring

Track conversations and keep a check on the workforce's chatting and behavioral patterns for better communication.


Website and App Monitoring

Check how employees use websites and apps to help them work better and smarter, while also maintaining a secure digital workspace.


Email Notifications

Create your own email notifications for different performance metrics and stay updated on what matters to you the most.


Productivity Measurement and Summary Reports

Give a push to your employees’ productivity with real-time analytics and productivity reports that provide insights into their work patterns.

Managers setting productivity ratings for websites and apps in TimeBee

Intelligent Time Tracking for
Better Visibility

Keep your team focused and optimize resource allocation for clear, impactful results.


Automatic Time Capture

Automatically track down the time spent on different tasks and activities. Save money and cover up the overall shortcomings.


Offline Time Tracking

Constantly measure performance down to the second even when your employees are offline. Trigger a sense of responsibility in your team with an intuitive desktop application.


Screenshots, Screen Recordings, and Activity Levels

Get high-quality screenshots at regular intervals or full-screen recordings to give a heads-up to employees and get a deep understanding of your team's performance.


Online Timesheets

Easily record and manage time with cloud-based timesheets. Explore, customize, and master your team’s work schedule.

TimeBee user working remotely in a park with a laptop

Count on TimeBee to
Productivity and Control

Toss out those chaotic schedules and welcome in smooth time monitoring. Let TimeBee rescue your efficiency – embrace it!

Everything You Need to Manage Workforce
and Clients Globally

Stay on top of your workforce and clients effortlessly, no matter where they are. Navigate across boundaries, improve project cost control, and keep your invoices accurate - all with one tool.

Teams working on laptops in different settings across the globe using TimeBee to boost productivity.


Automate payroll process with accurate time tracking data. TimeBee takes care of the complex, never-ending entry logs, ensuring accurate payments without the hassle.


Billable and Non-Billable Hours

Set up custom rates for billable hours and keep a check on non-billable ones. Get accurate data for transparent invoicing and fair payrolls.


Billing & Invoicing

Generate estimates and invoices automatically with custom billing rates. Get the time spent on each project spot on and create invoices that truly reflect the hours put in.


Project Cost Management

Ensure your project costs stay on track with automated reports. Use the historical project data to keep your expenditures in check and focus on delivering without budget worries.

TimeBee works seamlessly across Windows, Mac and Linux.

No Matter Which Device You Use, Our
Friendly Solution
Befriends Every OS!

Break free from tech limitations. TimeBee works perfectly on both macOS and Windows and easily integrates with different apps. So whether you are on the go or at your desk, TimeBee can track and monitor all activities of your employees. Work the way you love without any hassle – it’s that easy!

Logos for productivity tools, like Slack, Asana, ClickUp, GitHub, Zoho, and Trello - all of which integrate with TimeBee.

Supercharge Your Performance with 60+ Integrations

Embrace all Pre-Existing Apps Seamlessly!

Fuel Your Entire Organization with a
Single Dashboard

Meet TimeBee: Your ultimate employee monitoring software. Take control of your time, increase productivity, and tap into insights – all within a single, user-friendly toolkit!


Centralized Solution

All-in-one solution to accomplish different business goals.


End-to-End Encryption

Top-tier encryption secures data against breaches.


24/7 Dedicated Support

Facing a problem? Our qualified team is here to help.


Custom Plans

A small company or an enterprise, tailored plans for every size.


Stay One Step Ahead

Beat the heat of competition with continuous upgrades.


Easy Adaptability

From deployment to integration, easily align TimeBee with your existing workflows.


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Happy Customers
in our Bucket And Still Counting!

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