Terms of Service

TimeBee provides its services and other related software, tools, widgets, websites, or any other services (called, the “Services”) in accordance with these terms and conditions. These “Terms” are part of the Agreement and define the working conditions and rules under which both the parties (TimeBee and Clients) will continue the relationship (the use of TimeBee’s “Services”).

Using any (one or all) service of TimeBee or signing up will automatically be taken as you agree to these terms and all other operating conditions/rules/policies/procedures. If you don’t agree to any or all clauses of these Terms of Service, you must refrain from using the “Services” or contact us for clarification.

*Note: TimeBee holds the right to change these “Terms” any time with or without any reason and without any prior notice. Stay updated about our latest terms and conditions if you want to use or continue using the “Services” of TimeBee.

1. Definitions

Unless subject to change, the following meanings are ascribed to the terms used herein:

  • Agreement means these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other operating conditions published on this site or written elsewhere that oversee the dissemination of the Services.
  • TimeBee (collectively ‘‘Us,’’ “Our,” and ‘‘We’’), the company offering time tracking and productivity boosting services, or ‘‘Software’’ solution given to clients on subscription basis for time tracking, workforce management, or better client relationship.
  • Services include products, apps, software, websites, tools, and any other future solutions provided under the brand name TimeBee.
  • Subscription means buying TimeBee’s software solution by selecting a pricing plan (link it to pricing page).
  • Client is ‘You’, the person or a company who buys TimeBee’s subscription and installs it on a user(s) device(s).
  • User means someone who has TimeBee installed on the device and actively uses its features.
  • Platform refers to the TimeBee dashboard along with all its features.

2. Right to the use of the Service

The Client can use all the Services under these Terms or any other mentioned policy without having any authority to sublicense, sell, transfer, lend, lease, or redistribute it to any third party. In case of any violation, TimeBee holds the right to terminate the License without any prior notice, with immediate effect.

TimeBee holds the right to the Services mentioned or any future modification, upgrade, or addition in features or the Services. The Client has the right to install TimeBee on the desktop or mobile of the number of Users ascribed during the subscription. Addition or removal of any individual will affect the Pricing Plan mentioned thereto.

3. Modification & Updates

The Client must install the Services on the hardware systems of the number of Users mentioned during the licensing period without TimeBee’s support. Excluding installation, only TimeBee holds the right to do any upgrade, modification, update, or improvement to the Services.

Until the effect of these Terms or any changes hereafter, TimeBee must be given access to your system to update all new changes and enhancements made in features of the Services. Failure to do so will not be perceived or disseminated as our fault. It also gives TimeBee authority to discontinue its Services or terminate all warranties mentioned in the Terms or elsewhere.

4. Fees & Payments

TimeBee charges on the basis of the selected Pricing Plan periodically. Subscribing to any plan means that you agree to give us a right to save your credit card information and automatically charge for the renewal of Subscription. Unless you say otherwise, this process will stay effective till you or TimeBee terminates subscription.

TimeBee reserves the right to alter payment method and Pricing Plan without informing anyone. If someone has subscribed to the previous plan, it will continue until the next billing period. All the fees are exclusive of taxes and the Client must pay them according to the law. All fees for the Services will be taken in advance with non-refundable policy.

5. Liabilities & Warranties

TimeBee doesn’t hold any liability in case it has to suspend the Service as (a) directed by any government body, (b) required to save the Software from any attack, (c) for unseen reasons. You also understand that TimeBee shall not be liable for any monetary, reputational, exemplary, or any other damage (tangible or intangible).

TimeBee is not liable to any warranty, such as the Services: (a) will be error-free, (b) meet or exceed your expectations, (c) give the desired results immediately, (d) will give reliable results every time. In case of termination of the Services due to whatsoever reasons, TimeBee also withdraws from any liabilities and warranties without giving any notice.

6. Enforcement of Data Protection Laws

While subscribing for the Services, you agree that TimeBee can collect any information related to your system, device, and application to easily upgrade, customize, or update the Services for better performance. TimeBee may utilize your personal information to guide you, improve our services, and approach you to disseminate information regarding our new updates, changes, etc.

A few TimeBee features may raise privacy concerns. The Client must be aware of their region’s Privacy Laws and fully understand the usage of different features before buying the Services.

TimeBee saves your any information for internal use. It shall not be disseminated, sold, or leaked to any third party as per the Privacy Policy.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

The trademarks, including but not limited to, logos, trade names, services marks, videos, interactive features, images, written content, or any other form of content, displayed on https://timebee.app/ is our sole property. The access to the site is just for the sake of accessing our services and you must not copy, duplicate or reproduce any of TimeBee’s intellectual property without our written consent. In case you use any of our trademarks and other intellectual properties, it should be attributed to the TimeBee.

8. Laws & Jurisdiction

In case of any dispute or claims, the Client has a time of 90 days to take any action. We encourage you to first contact us for the resolution of the dispute.

Any dispute arising from these Terms or the Services must be governed or sought after by the law of the state of New York, the United States. The Client must send the legal notice to our address rather than any other means of communication used before or during subscription to the Services.

9. Eligibility

To be eligible to use our Services, the Client must: (a) be legally eighteen years old, (b) must comply with these Terms and other policies, (c) fulfill the whole registration policy; and (d) give accurate information. Failure to do so can terminate your license and access to the Services. TimeBee holds the right to change the eligibility criteria with or without any notice.

10. Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.

By using the Service, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use the Service.


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