Master the Art
of Juggling Onsite and Off-Site Team with a Single Solution

Forget about lethargic managerial operations because TimeBee is here to become your helping hand – partner in success.

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Focus on Managing your Field Workforce; Success will Follow Along

Track billable and non-billable hours to ensure the productive completion of tasks without jumbling deadlines.

Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending; Start
Project Management Smartly

Plan and track your off-site projects effortlessly to stay confident with your deadlines and keep your head high among the clients.


Balance Work & Life; End Overwork Exhaustion

TimeBee’s field management software helps schedule resources and improve employee productivity – a time-saving, opportunity-seizing blend.


Every Cent is Worth a Thousand Bucks; Save to Gain

Keep a tab on all the costs without getting trapped in the manual hassle. Automate the process to save project costs.


Real-time Insights to Change Your Perspective

Get daily automated reports about every single employee. Analyze, evaluate, and turn data into a recipe for success.

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Empower Your Team
to Make Accountability & Productivity Your Benchmark


Register, Sign-up & Login Time Bug’s Field Workforce Management App

Fill in your credentials and create an account to get the installation link in your mail. Use it to install the app on Windows or Mac.


Install & Finish Setting up the Software

After completing the installation process, follow the instructions to set up Time Bug’s mobile field workforce solution.


Start Tracking & Monitoring the Field Workforce

Once you’re on your dashboard, you can access any feature. Monitor your workforce’s online activities, capture screenshots, track time spent on projects, and much more.

Stop Hassling with Workforce Management; Breeze Through Client-Side Operations with TimeBee

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Operate with Precision Like Never Before

Get rid of manual field monitoring and management. Embrace TimeBee’s field operations management software — your gateway to infinite opportunities.


Increase Your Field Staff’s Productivity

Continuous calls and messages to your team distract them from working. Instead, use TimeBee’s software and get real-time insights into your team’s performance with a single click.


Goal-Focused Project Management

Deadlines slip off your fingers? Use TimeBee to ensure you never miss a deadline and manage everything without those last-minute nail-biting moments.


Effective Way to Increase Your ROI

Stay vigilant about your expenses because even a tiny leak can wreck your whole project. Use TimeBee to trim costs and expertly manage your resources.

TimeBee: Where Mobile
Workforce Management
Challenges Meet Their Match

TimeBee’s automatic workforce tracking and management tool lets you tackle the toughest challenges you face in your business. Streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and ensure precision in every aspect of field management – courtesy of TimeBee.


Track Time with Precision

Never miss a minute of your team's efforts with TimeBee's intuitive time-tracking tool. Easily record and manage working hours, breaks, and overtime. It's the clock that never skips a beat.


Take Screenshots & Monitor Activity Levels

Stay in the loop with our advanced screenshot and activity monitoring features. See exactly what your team is working on in real-time, ensuring accountability and transparency, no matter where they are.


Get Real-Time Reports

Instant access to real-time reports means you're always in control. Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data on your team's performance, project progress, and resource allocation.


Effortless Payroll

Streamline your payroll woes with TimeBee. Ensure accurate data and get rid of unproductive hours – all without the headache of miscalculations.


Track Time Even When Offline

TimeBee's offline time tracking ensures you can capture hours even in remote locations, syncing perfectly when back online.


Manage Project Costs Wisely

Keep your projects on budget with TimeBee's project cost management tools. Monitor expenses, track resource allocation, and maintain profitability without breaking a sweat.

Our Customers Love Us for Our Futuristic Solutions and We Try to
Fulfill their Expectations!


Top Rated Solution

We are proud partners of 100,000+ high-flying global companies who love us for our productivity and analytics solutions that deliver results.


Best-in-Class Support

Our backend team is always looking for ways to fine-tune features and offer par-excellence services for a smooth experience.


Enterprise Level Security

With employee privacy being our number one priority, be assured that personal data and inside information are in secure hands.


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews


4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews

Understand Field
Workforce Management

  • How does a field workforce management tool help optimize operations?
  • How does a mobile field workforce solution enhance productivity?
  • What are the key features of mobile workforce management software?

A field workforce management software can work wonders when it comes to optimizing operations. It lets your employees log their work hours accurately and eliminates manual paperwork and guesswork. These tools provide real-time insights into where your field workers are and what they are doing.

A workforce management tool also tracks what tasks have been completed, what's pending, and the time spent on each task. This data helps in optimizing work allocation and ensuring that employees are engaged in productive activities.

Field service automation software tracks every second your team spends on tasks. It helps you see where time is being used efficiently and where it might be slipping away. Plus, it offers real-time monitoring, so you can keep an eye on what your field workers are doing during work hours.

It also lets you break down projects into smaller tasks to allocate work and set priorities easily. This helps your team focus on what's most important, ensuring that important projects are completed on time. Mobile field workforce solution gently nudges users when they visit unproductive websites or apps during work hours, helping them stay on track.

When choosing a mobile workforce management software, check the following key features before concluding your decision.

  • Time Tracking: Accurate tracking of work hours.
  • Task Management: Assign and monitor tasks.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Monitor field workers.
  • Website and App Monitoring: Detect unproductive usage.
  • Distraction Alerts: Gentle reminders to stay on task.
  • Client and Project Tracking: Billable hours tracking.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Detailed productivity insights.
  • Integrations: Compatibility with various tools.
  • Offline Time Tracking: Track time even without an internet connection.
  • Invoicing and Payroll: Simplify billing and payments.
  • Idle Time Tracking: Detect idle time during work hours.
  • Screenshots: Verify work activities.
  • Break Reminders: Encourage regular breaks.
  • Time Management and Goal Setting: Set productivity targets.

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