What is Activity Summary Report and How Can You Access it?

The Activity Summary report summarizes a user's time spent during working hours. The user's time is divided into four categories based on their web and app usage:

  • Productive: Time spent on work-related activities.
  • Unproductive: Time Spent on non-work related activities.
  • Neutral: Time spent on sites that are neither productive nor unproductive.
  • Unrated: Time spent on uncategorized sites and apps.

Each category is represented as a percentage to assist managers in evaluating a user's productivity and efficiency. This helps them identify any issues before they disrupt the business.

How to Access the Activity Summary Report?

To access the Activity Summary report, click on “Reports” on the sidebar of the web app and then select “Activity Summary” in the drop-down menu.

How to View the Summary Report of a Single User?

The summary report displays the total tracked hours and their division for a single user. It also lists the visited websites and apps along with timestamps.

To access this report, click on the user's name on the "Activity Summary" page.

How to Customize Activity Summary Report?

Use the “Users” filter in the top left corner to view the activity summary of a single user, multiple users, or groups. For date-specific reports, use the date filter in the top right corner.

To ensure that the reports and hour divisions align with your company's policies, adjust website and app ratings as per your organization’s requirements.

Who Can View and Access the Activity Summary Report?

Only the owners and admins can view and access Activity Summary reports for all the users and customize the settings.

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